Kina fortsetter å doble ned på blokkering av VPN-er

The Great Firewall of China is tougher than ever to bypass with a VPN, but some still work. Here are our updated picks for November 2019.

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China continues to crack down hard on VPN use in the country.

China has long restricted Internet use in the country using their Great Firewall – and people, both citizens and foreigners, have long used VPNs to bypass those restrictions. It’s known as “climbing over the wall” among the Chinese.

But the authorities are eager to stop this practice.

Below, is a timeline of their VPN crackdown over the past two years. You can also jump right down to our updated list of VPN services that still work in China.

Timeline of China's VPN Blocking Efforts

  • Januar 2017: Chinese government rules the use of non-authorized VPNs illegal
  • mars 2017: Man from southern China, Deng Jiewei, sentence to 9 months in prison for selling VPN software
  • Juli 2017: Apple removes VPN apps from the Apple Store in China at government’s request
  • Desember 2017: Man from southern China, Wu Xiangyang, sentenced to 5 ½ years in prison and a $72,000 fine for selling VPN software
  • Mars 2018: China begins ban on non-authorized VPN services
  • Juli 2018: VyprVPN reports a 300% increase in VPN blocking by Chinese authorities
  • Oktober 2018: Man from Shanghai, identified by his surname Dai, is given a 3-year suspended sentence and fined $1,400 for selling VPN software

If you want to see the steps taken even further back by the Chinese authorities, check out the China Ramps Up Internet Censorship infographic covering January 2015 to mid-2017.

China VPN Blocking Only Getting Worse

In short, it’s been a rough time for VPN providers and users. And now, it’s getting even worse, with VyprVPN reporting that the Chinese government effort is continuing to double down on its VPN blocking efforts.

A press statement from Golden Frog shared details on the change in tactics: “The Great Firewall has been increasing blocks since late June, but this recent attack was more serious due to how the Chinese appeared to combat our efforts in real time."

Fortunately, VyprVPN (and a few other providers) have been able to withstand the block attempts and continue to serve their users.

VPN Services that Still Work in China

If you live or travel in China and are in need of a VPN, here are our top picks that still work as of November 2019:


VyprVPN offers stealth technology called Chameleon, which helps it bypass China’s VPN blocking. They also 100% own their networks and servers, allowing them to react more quickly to attempts by the government.

They’re our toppvalg for a VPN to use in China. Plus, you can try-before-you-buy for a full 7 days.

Leveres med en gratis prøveperiode på 7 dager.


ExpressVPN has “stealth servers” in Hong Kong that are specifically designed to bypass the Great Firewall. And they’re also an all-around great VPN, with a 30-day money back guarantee to boot.

Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Based in Hong Kong and boasting a 31-day money back guarantee, PureVPN is another top pick for a China VPN. PureVPN has been busting through the Great Firewall of China for years. With the industry's best money-back guarantee period of 31 days, what you have got lose?

Comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee.


The game of cat and mouse between the Chinese authorities and VPN services continues with no end in sight. While most VPN services don't have a chance against the Great Firewall, our picks above still work.

Read more details about using a VPN in China.

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Trevor - Desember 10, 2018

I was an exchange student for two months in Beijing and used NordVPN to bypass the Great Wall because I have read in various forums and blogs about how it is impossible to connect to Gmail, Facebook or Instagram. With NordVPN I had no problems doing that. Also, I was able to watch Netflix US easily. Here is an article talking about the best VPNs for Netflix https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/netflix-vpn-study/


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